Artikel der Marke Point-7 von Andrea Cucchi

Point-7, Made in Italy und weltbekannt für seine schwarzen Segel u. ihre gute Performance, ist die Marke von Andrea Cucchi.

Point-7 v. Andrea Cucchi sind bekannt durch ihre gute Leistung


Point-7 was the idea of Andrea Cucchi back in 2005 when he saw an opening in the market to create something new and re-launch windsurfing to a new generation.

Andrea saw a new personal challenge; to create and introduce a new brand on the market, a contender capable of competing against the market leaders, and for top PWA rankings.

After not being allowed to jump on a plane to fly to Turkey for an event, as the aircraft was not able to hold his gear due to a last minute change of aircraft model, Andrea took this free time to start the project. He called 3 persons to see if they would support his idea. Not everyone joined in but all gave their support to create the brand. Especially Roberto Cucchi, Andreas father jumped in to support and give guidance to the newly established company. Roberto is still active behind the scenes, supporting new ideas and the continued development of the company.


In 2006 the first sails were presented during the summer. A full range of sails were on display, except for racing sail. The brand quickly received the interest of many people as Andrea Cucchi from the start was able to win the Italian national slalom event on the AC-0 Slalom no cam. An online store was introduced to ensure availability to customers around the world until an international distribution network could be established.


In 2006 the first sails were presented during the summer. A full range of sails were on display, except for racing sail. The brand quickly received the interest of many people as Andrea Cucchi from the start was able to win the Italian national slalom event on the AC-0 Slalom no cam. An online store was introduced to ensure availability to customers around the world until an international distribution network could be established.


2007 saw the introduction of the AC-1, a full blooded race sail and with great thanks to one of the founding brothers Massimo Masserini, Jose Bahadour joined the racing team. During that first season Jose won the speed world cup in Karpathos with the very first series of the AC-1. Standing on top of the podium, Jose was joined by such big names as Antoine Albeau and Finian Maynard who were finding themselves in 2nd and 3rd position. The impressive result launched the P7 brand onto the world stage, and overnight became a household name.

The AC-1 sails were the first black sails to be made, and would since spread across the entire range.

"Since then black sails and Point-7 have become synonymous. Seeing a black sail is seeing a Point-7."


2010 marked the year that the first Point-7 store was opened in Torbole, Lake Garda in Italy. The development had moved from Sardinia to Tenerife have a wider variety of conditions to test under and to speed up the development of the wave sails. Lake Garda remains to this day the summer location of the team and for light wind developments. Pascal Toselli joined the team as the first international French rider and started off by winning 2 races during the famous Defi wind long distance competition that year, reaffirming once again the excellent performance of the sails.


A great base was established for 2011. A new sail designer joined the team and brought a new level of know-how to the table which brought the development and products to a new level once again. New products were introduced to the Point-7 range such as extensions, booms, accessories and branded apparel. The Point-7 range of products was complete. Andrea Cucchi between his daily duties won the World Formula Championships in the master class in Denmark. Highlighting to recent progress for the formula sails. A fan group established themselves on Facebook called the Black Sheep, now counting over 1200 dedicated members and followers of the Point-7 brand.


2012 saw a reinforcement on the media side of Point-7 with Sean O’Brien and Alessandro Giovanelli taking over the graphical appearance of products and media services. Josh Angulo joined the team and Point-7 had finally reached their first top 5 results in PWA slalom and the first 0.7 victory. A goal was reached. The same year, Adam Lewis entered top 10 of the PWA wave tour with a 7th place in Sylt, Nicolas Akgazciyan finished top 10 in freestyle on PWA world tour. All disciplines were now manned by Point-7 riders in the top 10 of the PWA and the brand was finally recognized as one of the top brands in the world.


2013 A new structure was introduced when Point-7 founded the Black Team. A real team which would work together thought-out the winter to improve their results. A professional structure was implemented to improve their skills on the water with full scale racing simulations and a dedicated training program on land. The followers of the Black team have been enjoying a massive amount of media. As a clear result of these efforts, Black team athlete Alberto Menegatti managed to win the first PWA event for Point-7, a cementation of the success the Black Team program has proven to me. More international results followed with all members of the Black Team winning at national events and scoring big at many International events. The Black Team is also directly involved with the future development of new Point-7 products, and giving constant feedback to Andrea Cucchi on all product lines. This structure have already resulted in a very a very detailed clean up any small issues which could have been better.

The international distribution network have grown immensely and now Point-7 is available in over 40nations. than ever before.


2014 was time to prove that the wave products were ready to bring top riders to victory and back on podium. Ricardo Campello happily jumped on the Black Team with one goal in mind: winning. Point-7 accelerated the development to bring out the Salt Campello edition sail with all the requested needs for Ricardo’s goal. At the first event Pozo, Gran Canaria, Ricardo finished second, and managed to win his first PWA event at La Torche in epic conditions. This was another important happening for the timeline of Point-7. Ricardo finished on the podium in the overall ranking. Another great achievement was done directly from Andrea Cucchi who managed to win the other important international event in France, the Defi wind. Showing that the boss of Point-7 is still highly active in the sport, and winning on his own products that he also personally develops with the rest of the Black Team. There was an upset with Alberto Menegatti, who had to quit the PWA slalom tour after his great result the year before due to injury. Pascal Toselli from the Black Team decided to change his mind set and take over the chance to show the speed of Point-7 in the PWA slalom. Jumping from 16th place in 2013, to 5th place in 2014, showed and confirmed again, the value of our brand in this discipline. The Black Team dominated also at the come back of the indoor event, which took place for the first time in Warsaw. Winning the freestyle discipline with Nicolas Akgazciyan, and with 2 second positions, always by Nico in slalom, and in the jumps with Ricardo Campello.

Motivated by the wave results the new wave boom WC100 was launched. 25mm diameter, octagonal tube shape, lightest and stiffest boom on the market.

An introduction of the new apparel fashion line was a big success for the brand.


2016 There is no luck behind results. Working with hard with passion to every detail and knowing that dreams are daily goals to achieve. Showing high level results in racing was one of the main targets for 2016, to prove the performance of our sails against the competition. We started the year by proving our AC-X Slalom no cam on the training race courses, against other PWA riders on race sails. We proved our sail to be winning races against the cam sails in 4 races out of 5 that we entered with 2 different riders. Later in the year there was an amazing PWA slalom world tour, where Matteo Iachino and Lena Erdil proved Point-7 to have the best slalom sail. The 2 riders from the Black team became respectively PWA Slalom World Champion and PWA Slalom Women Vice- World Champion. The only race sails on both class podiums. Point-7 in the PWA slalom tour had also Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, and our CEO Andrea Cucchi, in the top 10 of the ranking. Making this the only brand with 3 riders in top 10! This automatically made Point-7 being the brand to win the slalom sail brand constructor PWA world championship title.

The new masts were introduced with a cleaner layup, making the average weight drop by 300 grams, without changing the winning curves and quality. We introduced a new automatic system to the wave harness Matteo used the whole season to become world slalom champion, and whole line of new items in the accessory range for those who like travelling and race, such as the utility bags, rig bas, flex fit caps and more that you can discover on our site.

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