Windsurfen Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024
  • Windsurfen Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024
  • Windsurfen Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024

Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024

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Das Salt Pro Wave 2024 von Point-7 ist ein sehr agiles und leichtes Wave Windsurfing Segel mit 4 Latten. Optimal ausbalanciert und für alle Bedingungen.

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Das 2024 Salt Pro Wave von Point-7 ist ein gut ausbalanciertes und leichtes 4 Latten Wave Segel

Wer ein schnelles und agiles Segel für die Welle sucht, für den kommt das Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 auf jeden Fall in die nähere Auswahl.

Für wen ist das Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 geeignet?

Hitting the waves at high speed to pull out latest aerial wave moves, whether you are jumping or going for aerials. The right mix from the Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 between drive on the bottom turn, but at the same time a neutral on/off performance going for the cut back.


Bullet Points

  • Four-Batten wave sail
  • Fast and agile while riding waves
  • Quick to respond in new school wave sailing moves
  • Ultra-light in your hands
  • Plenty of useable bottom end grunt
  • Soft and forgiving
  • On-off capacity
  • Formidable weapon on the wave and in transition
  • Dual rigging options according to conditions

Test in Windsurf-Magazinen und Resultate

With masses of useable power and a fun active nature, the efficient and dynamic on/off profile is designed to be radical on the wave. Fast, agile, and supremely comfortable to us. A  versatile wave sail which can be used in all conditions. The Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 soft delivery style makes its spirited rearward rider-focussed power, both useable and stable across a far-reaching tuneable range to make the most of in all coastal environments. The Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 that has brought a PWA World Vice Champion results to Point-7.

Was ist Neu?

A completely new outline from the Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 for all sizes assuring the best performance ratio between mast and boom length. A re-defined balance to improve its efficiency according to wind intensity. A stronger base construction has been developed to fight against breakages caused by accidents from the typical falls in the base, knees, nose board, shorebreakes.

Welche Materialien werden eingesetzt?

  • X-ply Anti UV- window only where it would not obstruct perfect vision
  • 5mil central transparent monofilm visibility window
  • 5mil Anti UV- X-ply base panel for protection from accidents
  • 4mil Anti UV X-ply laminate for high reactivity
  • Battens: X-ply alternate batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex. Four-batten construction.
  • 2.5 mil Anti UV X-ply laminate for light weight and forgiving in landings. (Black version)

Charakter des Wave Segel

The Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 is for fast riding on the waves, quick wave sailing moves. Ultra-light in your hands Adjust the back-hand power, and it is ready to offer precision, according to the wind strength and wind direction. Balanced in the hands, the power comes from a high forward position, its punchy delivery softened by the stretch in the luff sleeve and large Dacron luff panel. Once the pressure builds and the draft reaches its elastic limit, the response from the sail’s high skin tension takes over, providing crisp, precise handling and inspiring the rider to explore its manoeuvre potential. On the wave, the Salt provides masses of useable drive through the bottom turn, whilst always remaining controllable. At the critical moment, it has a more of an on-off nature, the Dacron panel permitting the lungs of the sail to exhale and become light and easy for manoeuvre Rigged, the luff length increment provided 3cm extension is suggested to provide extra play. When applying downhaul, the Salt’s mid-leech falls away quickly whilst the upper leech remains taut, its looseness masked in part by the large mini batten. There is plenty of luff curve in the sail’s leading edge, forcing a good deal of shape into the draft, whilst the two lower battens retain excellent rotation around the mast.

Wie ist das Segel auf dem Wasser?

The Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 translates to plenty of useable bottom end grunt, the large luff panel expanding to significantly increase the depth of the draft. The delivery is soft and forgiving, and comes through both hands, the centre of effort focussed on the rider. Used in properly powered conditions, this transforms into a power-hungry animal, locked in and dancing over the water as it advances in every gust. It moves smoothly around the rider thanks to the softness in the luff panel, enabling to keep the pedal down in attack mode, even in the most uninviting conditions. With speed comes light handling, which combined with the Salt’s on-off capacity when eased out, makes it a formidable weapon on the wave and in transition.

Rigging the sail

For wave riding the leach lose leach, should fall 15cm from the leach to the first mini batten on the top. (-3 cm from max downhaul setting). For the boom length, the lower ring to the minimum boom setting required in the specs. For Bump and Jumping, pull downhaul setting all the way to 1cm to the end of the setting required, and use the higher ring with the max setting required from the specs. Tighten top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens, without over tightening them. The SALT PRO has been developed specifically on the C80 rdm masts.

Das Ziel der Entwicklung

The Point-7 Salt Pro Wave 2024 has been part of a continuous evolution since it was first introduced. Each size is tested separately according to the designated wind intensity for which the sail is designed for. The individual changes on each size have been made very specifically to create the perfect sail range.


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