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Hochwertige Windsurfing Masten zu einem sehr guten Preis. CAAS stellt RDM/Skinny und SDM Masten in Längen von 340-550 cm her. Sie sind in der Lage zuverlässig alle Biegekurven zu produzieren.


In the production of composites, the applied technology is strongly related to the material used in production. Resinous binder and reinforced fibres enter the so-called wet procedure separately. If the resinous binder and reinforced fibres are already mixed, we refer to the dry procedure. Such material is called prepreg. In its production, company CAAS uses only prepreg materials. Depending on the selected reinforced fibres, we distinguish between carbon, glass and aramid prepregs. It is common for these types that resinous binders are in a partially polymerized, frozen condition. Reinforced fibres are completely impregnated and in order to attain the end dimension stability of the material we require the polymerization temperature, which initiates the solidification of material and the defined reaction time. The technological process of polymerization takes place in special pressure vessels – autoclaves. The end polymerization or solidification of resinous binder takes place in the autoclave at temperatures ranging from 120°C until 250°C. The solidification temperature depends on the chemical composition of the selected resinous binder. Composites solidified at higher temperatures have a much higher thermal resistance respectively Tg. Autoclaves are hermetically sealed pressure vessels, set to working pressure, which can exceed 15 bars. Material in the form of prepreg doesn’t require mechanical impregnation with resinous binder and the orientation of fibres doesn’t change during processing. At the same time it has an extremely precise spatial formation of the resinous matrix. For top composite products, we must select an appropriate prepreg and autoclave technology. As regards its composition, prepreg is heterogeneous, which means that the spatial disposition of fibres must tend towards ideal disposition. A profile of the solidified composite product mustn’t include any air; therefore, we use vacuum during solidification in the autoclave, which together with positive pressure increases the working pressure in the autoclave.

Company CAAS combines all the necessary parameters for optimum products with the latest technology and top materials. We are aware that the composition of composites enables the production of products with exceptional mechanical features and low weight. Since composite products are extremely loaded in their use, we assure the fulfilment of all standards and regulations regarding materials and technology in production. The latter is above all valid for masts and extension.

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