Windsurfen i-99 Cesare Cantagalli RDM Mast Cheeseroll 100
  • Windsurfen i-99 Cesare Cantagalli RDM Mast Cheeseroll 100
  • Windsurfen i-99 Cesare Cantagalli RDM Mast Cheeseroll 100

i-99 Cesare Cantagalli RDM Mast Cheeseroll 100

620,00 €

RDM Mast von i-99 mit 100% Carbon Anteil. Der Cheeseroll 100 ist ein hochwertiger RDM Carbon Windsurfing Mast, der bei Reglass hergestellt wird.


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Der Cheeseroll 100 ist der C100 RDM Mast von i-99

Technische Daten des i-99 Cheeseroll 100

  • Mast Durchmesser: RDM / Reduced Mast Diameter
  • Hersteller: i-99 / Cesare Cantagalli
  • Modell: CSR-100 / Cheeseroll 100
  • Carbon Anteil: 100%
  • Carbonfaser: T800
  • Gewicht: siehe Tabelle
  • Biegekurve: Constant Curve
CSR100 370 17 1250 T800 100
CSR100 400 19 1480 T800 100
CSR100 430 21 1700 T800 100
CSR100 460 25 1800 T800 100

This mast is a guarantee that is the result of a consolidated and gained experience from the technology that Reglass has proven over the years and which I can proudly define as the first mast specially designed for wave sailing, thanks to a hard work of development and research that has seen me personally at the forefront together with the engineers of the Regalss team back in the years.

Its our top of the range RDM production and certainly one of the best performing masts on the market. It has an explosive response that makes it suitable for any wave conditions where acceleration is a determining factor in getting out of the white waters wipe-outs. It is with no doubt a suitable mast for more experienced riders able to take full advantage of its characteristics. Like all products with superior performances its very light but also very reliable.

Like all the other masts of the Cesare Cantagalli I-99 line, it is a constant curve mast that in addition to the Cesare Cantagalli I-99 sails range also adapts very well to most of the sails on the market enhancing their performance.