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F4 Foils gehört zu Herstellern, welche die besten und schnellsten Hydrofoils für Windfoilen und Wingfoilen herstellen.

F4 Foils, High End Hydrofoils aus den USA


In 2008 Al Mirel,  Chris Radkowski, and Ben Bamer – windsurfing and kitesurfing friends started F4 Foils as a windsurfing fin company. Together they brought decades of experience with the sport, racing pedigree, engineering knowledge, Phd level math skills and endless enthusiasm and passion for the water sports.  As the sports evolved and hydrofoiling came to the scene in 2013 we were the pioneers that turned it from a dream into the fastest growing market and the phenomenon that brought life back into windsurfing and extended into many other water sports.   

The bug bit after the America’s Cup in San Francisco. F4 Foils has become obsessed with hydrofoils and been designing some of the world’s best for Windsurf, Windwing, Surf and Kitesurfing.  We design and manufacture foils for F4 as well as several other brands and have become known as the design leaders in many different segments.  The focus from F4 Foils is simple – to design the best hydrofoils possible for each application. You can meet our core team on the beaches of San Francisco every day all season long. 


Customer Centric – Our customers are what we are here for.

F4 Foils Listen – Delivering products from the highest level of racing to consumers requires careful collaboration with you our end-users and listening and incorporating your feedback and needs into our products.

F4 Foils make it happen – we know how valuable your time on the water is. And we promise you to do our best to make sure you have enjoyable time on the water with the most advanced product on the market.

The Environment – Our sport bring us in physical contact with nature. Our commitment is to protect it and enrich it so we can leave it better than we found it and allow future generations to enjoy it just as much as we do today.


F4 Foils is about passion – for the sport, speed, racing and quality. Creating the fastest, most stable and versatile foils on the market requires skill, constant R&D and countless hours of testing. Hydrofoils uniquely require the combination of 3D design, fluid dynamics, composites, and processes. 

We have been fortunate to be able to work and innovate with some of the best riders and companies in the industry and drive the evolution of foiling across windsurfing, surfing, winging, and kitesurfing.  

Based in Silicon Valley we followed in the footsteps of some of the most innovative and successful startups. F4 Foils began with building prototypes in their garages, and over the course of the following few years we have won PWA races, speed records, and delivered countless hours of excitement and enjoyment for our customers. 

F4 Foils use cutting edge technology, manufacturing and the valuable feedback from our team riders and partners to deliver race proven premium products to our end users in all of the markets we serve.

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